What is RyanRutan.net?

RyanRutan.net is a site where anyone can come to find relevant, insightful, and helpful resources for life, ministry, and doctrine. Within the site is material that at the very least has an underlying emphasis on the centrality of God’s Word. Our life in Christ has its foundation in the doctrine of Sola Scriptura, which means we are saved according to Scripture alone. All of God’s answers to man’s concerns may be found by means of biblical devotion and study, as we read in the Psalms (cf. Ps. 19 and 119). That means one’s struggles with finances, marriage, race, gender, politics, culture, etc. will have their answers in God’s Word, whether the topics are addressed explicitly or implicitly.

My whole ministry focus is to bring to light the truth about the sufficiency of Scripture. It is both relieving and compelling to understand this truth. It is relieving because one can be assured there will be no other authority that must be consulted apart from the Scriptures when seeking ultimate truth. The answer will be found in the pages of Scripture. It is compelling because one must seek the answers within the Bible to find them. They do not always appear right away. How one goes about finding the answers is very important. The reader cannot and must not place meanings within the biblical text that the context does not allow.

My goal on this site is to help readers find those meanings by demonstrating how one goes about finding them. The mindset, methods, and tools of the student of the Bible are all topics that will be discussed. Additionally, one key area of focus is how this works alongside cultural exegesis (interpretation) and worldview exegesis. Viewing the world through a biblical lens is crucial for the believer, and many are not sufficiently equipped. This site serves as a remedy for that problem. My prayer is that you will be blessed and encouraged while giving God the praise for His glorious grace towards us who believe. He is indeed worthy to be praised!